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The Company

Through ImageTec, Umango have developed the ability to connect to Devlop multi function devices.

Further details about the company can be found on their website

The Value

The efficiencies Umango provide to Develop devices is the ability to push scanning workflows directly to the devices without the need for any additional software installed on the device. The benefit to deploy Umango solutions is even further enhanced with a web kit on the multi function device which enables you to review extracted information from your scanned paper work directly on the touch screen (we call this profile on device POD).

Umango embedded on a Develop device

The Benefit

  • Better utilization of your existing supported multi function devices
  • Easy to configure and deploy (browse your supported network devices)
  • No additional IT support
  • Powerful cost effective scanning at the device

For more details on Umango's POD technology working with Develop devices contact a Develop dealer or read the details on on this website.