Sometimes, great things start with coffee...

Umango (formerly i2 Software) was founded in 2008 by Andrew Wade and Quentin Gribble out of Perth, Western Australia. Both lovers of coffee and with their experience in both the technology and imaging sectors, Andrew and Quentin discussed the weaknesses in the document scanning market over a casual coffee one day. From there, ideas blossomed and they went on to develop a solution that was easy to use and well priced while providing a great lead product for manufacturers of scanning hardware.

Success breeds success and working closely with key international brands such as Konica Minolta and Kyocera, the company went on to develop flexible embedded MFP solutions and their product offering extended to hardware platforms including dedicated scanners, desktops, servers and mobile devices. The company now proudly supports hundreds of dealers and thousands of clients - everything from fortune 500 companies to small home businesses.

Umango ("Ummango") defAdj Zulu for mountain, to ascend or ramp

In late in 2014, i2 Software commenced a branding and name change to "Umango". Umango (or "Ummango") is Zulu for "mountain, to ascend or ramp" with the intended meaning that our products are an on-ramp into various office systems and as a company we ascend challenges and overcome hurdles that may appear as mountains to our competitors.

In line with the roll out of the name change, the company released the Umango branded product suite and opened an office in North America out of San Francisco CA. It now services its growing international client base from this location and is building a dedicated team of support and engineering staff.